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Director’s Questions

We asked our interviewees, either they are pornographers, porn performers, scholars or users lots of questions about porn. We eventually interviewed more than 120 people and accumulated 200 hours of footage. Their interviews are funny, insightful, controversial and even outrageous. But we only used less than 0.25%! With different Porn Questions we post, we will share with you their insights that we could not include in the film. Most importantly, we want to hear what you have to say and share with all our audiences. We also welcome your questions for areas that you would like to explore.

My First Porn:

How old were you when you first saw porn? In what kind of situation? How did you feel? Please share your stories with us.

Here are stories from people we interviewed:

First time I saw porn, I was seven and I was at my babysitter's house. The babysitter left for awhile, two other kids and I were flipping through the channels. I saw naked people and was like, 'ew, what was that?' And we would flip to cartoons and then one of us would push the 'last' button and would go back to the porn and we'd be like, 'ohh!' - all messing with each other. The first time I started really “watching” it, I was probably eight years old. I used to go and stay with my dad and I looked through his drawers and found a bunch of Videos in his drawer and I started watching it, I actually popped it in.

It was exciting, because it was something I'm not supposed to do, and it's taboo. And then it's also a lot of curiosity because you want to know what sex is . It was just also sexual excitement and even though you're still that young - it's still there. But I really wouldn't know what to do with it. I kind of like this feeling and I would just watch it for a long time - long periods of time. (Nick, 22 yr., New York)

When I first discovered porn I was six, and I found a big box of porn magazines. It was in the vagina shaped cut out hollow of a tree, tree had split open and grown old, and it was this vagina, and there was a box in it. True story, can’t make this up. (Joe Gallante, Pornographer, 51 years old, New York.)

It was my freshman year of high school, it was right before I started dating and had my first kiss. I was hanging out with a friend one night and we were like, “We wanna know what a penis looks like!” We'd never seen one, we didn't know and kind of heard all these stories about what it's supposed to look like. So we just went on the internet, and tried to find pictures and movies. (Elena, 25 yr. California)

I was like sixteen when I first watched porn, I think, that’s pretty much how I learned to have sex. Just growing up in a small town and stuff, we didn’t talk about that stuff. I didn’t even know what the human body looked like or anything. It was very educational for me, just to…just to see how everything worked. (Julie, 45 yrs. Las Vegas)

It was Debbie Does Dallas and Deep Throat and something else that was in my parent’s bedroom. Of course I had to go tell everybody that we found some porn and everybody always wanted to be over to watch the porn. So whenever my parents were out of town, you’d see this steady procession of kids walking down the street to come over to watch porn. (RJ, 42 yr. New York)

I remember the first pornographic films I saw, which we snuck in to through the back door of a movie theater. And my dominant recollection of those films is the intensity of it, the fear associated with it, and I think some recognition in myself that I wasn’t ready for this. The presentation of this kind of adult sexuality was too soon. I didn’t know how to make sense of it. I think when pornography really started to shake my sexual imagination in a way I can now understand was really when I was a teenager and a college student, when I was becoming sexual myself and learning about what that meant. And there, I think pornography was very important because it gave me a language, it gave me a set of acts I could imagine participating in, and there, started to actually shake my own sexual imagination. (Robert Jensen, 50 yr. professor in journalism and anti-porn activist, Austin, Texas)

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