Host a Screening Application

I understand that by filling out and sending this form, I agree to the following terms:

(1) I will screen the documentary film The Price of Pleasure at least three times in small groups.

(2) Every group should have no fewer than 4 people. All shall be 18 years old or older.

(3) We will have a discussion afterwards

(4) I will send The Price of Pleasure team my Host Feedback Form (please make hyperlink). I should feel free, but not obligated, to send in photos or video clips (no more than 3 min).

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My interest in hosting a screening is:
Share a report of your event. Please be enthusiastic, but brief. We reserve the right to edit all entries that are selected for posting.

After receiving your form, we will email you a special code to purchase a DVD with $20 (including shipping).

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