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New York City

Macon, GA

Boston University

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Screening Reactions

Screening Location: Dorm room, New York City
Date: 04/14/10
Reported by Olivia

Cameron’s Reaction
Cameron, an NYU student, liked the film, but wants more discourse on how porn effects masculinity. In Cameron’s words, “obviously, not every guy has a twelve-inch cock.” Cameron also thinks that there’s a big connection between pornography and the ubiquity of “male enhancement” products. Cameron reminds us that pornography can create anxiety in both genders, and often someone is profiting from these anxieties (the company that makes Viagra, etc.)

Adam’s Reaction
Adam thinks Price of Pleasure is important as a discussion-starter for a topic that touches all of us,  that not enough people are talking about. He would like more clarity about which media companies have a hand in distributing and/or financially backing pornography. Adam hopes we can find a middle ground with pornography (though “probably not as it exists today”), and is optimistic and one day it can be a healthy part of people’s sex lives, should they choose to use it.  
Kylie’s Reaction
Kylie was a bit shocked by the prevalence of violence in pornography. Kylie was also surprised by the sheer economic power of Jenna Jameson. She “knew Jenna was popular…but not 17 million dollars for a sex video game popular!” 

Ashley’s Reaction
Ashley didn’t know much about pornography before she saw the film, and was surprised but what some people are turned on by. The ban that was struck down on simulated child pornography was especially shocking, as well as rape themed web sites. As an economics major, Ashley said she is “all for innovation, but “Ass-To-Mouth? Bad idea…bad innovation. Gross. Not good.”

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