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Screening Reactions

Screening Location: Photonics Center at Boston University
Date: 02/22/10
Who: 200 undergraduate students
Reported by Amanda

On 2/22, nearly 200 undergraduate students gathered in the Photonics Center at Boston University to discuss what many Americans will rarely ever acknowledge publicly; pornography.  After a short introduction by sexologist “O-Megan!” we screened the documentary film “The Price of Pleasure” to a very anxious audience.

Once the film was over, we decided to start the discussion with the student panel, and ask their immediate reactions.  Brian O’Connell, Justin Jahng, Marlene Feil, and Eunice Ko made-up the panel.  Each of them expressed their disgust with the film, particularly the virtual child pornography as well as the mainstream affiliation with the distribution of porn.  The audience agreed, for the most part.  One student, who happened to be a woman, expressed that she liked violence in sex and was offended that she should be made to feel bad about it.  Women’s Studies professor, Barbara Gottfried, responded by saying that sex is a very intimate thing and you may do what you wish.  However, displaying violent and sexist images to young people who are susceptible to being influence adversely should not be condoned.  A majority of the students were concerned the most with the negative impact pornography has on youth, and the ease of access of which they have to these explicit images.  Also, we all agreed that the fact that many young and un-educated women’s best choice was to sell their bodies revealed a serious problem with the labor system in the United States.  Many of the students were not aware of BOINK magazine; it was not widely circulated and was a few years ago. 

We are so inclined in the United States to create public policies that uphold a certain level of ethics and morality, why has pornography gone unregulated?  Is it our fear to talk about it, or the money involved in the creation of it?

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