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Screening Reactions

Screening Location: Residence in Toronto, Ontario
Date: 01/31/10
Who: 4 audience members, mixed gender, college students

"I found my male friends reactions were shocking. I couldn't believe that they were laughing at what they were watching. This was an eye opener for me. I didn't realize how much it influenced men and how they don't even realize it. I've never really watched porn and those things never occur to me until I watched this movie.  I feel like porn influences fashion and the way women view themselves" (Gender: Female,  Age: 21)

"I was shocked by the violent content in most porn films...disgusted and disturbed by women's portrayal. If watching violent porn pleases men, could this promote rape and sexual assault because they think it's what women want?Porn has changed the image of women from housewives to sex objects" When watching the film and listening to the woman speak about how she found her husbands perfectly cut pictures, she stated, "I don't think men need to watch porn if they are sexually satisfied in the relationship"This viewer also shared with the group after the screening that, "When I was at this one party my Mom saved me from being cum on. I was drunk and passed out and later a friend told me that all of the guys were planning to cum on me but my Mom had come to the party to take me home." (Gender: Female, Age: 22)

"Ass to mouth is disgusting! I have to think that is outrageous. But this has gone down through the ages, it is all evolution!"When watching the film during the part where Ernest Greene came on and said that control in sex is a part of biology, this viewer stated "See, now this guy isgoing to tell you how it is." (Gender: Male,  Age: 26)

"I don't think porn is aggressive. If you are choosing to stay in the situation it can't be aggressive. Money shots are fine, cumming on a girl's face is fine,it is a matter of sharing something so sexual. I would love to have a girl cum all over my face! I thought those sex conventions were disgusting though with all of those men photographing that one woman, gross." (Gender: Male,  Age: 23)

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