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Dr. Michael Kimmel, Professor of Sociology, SUNY-Stony Brook
When we discuss pornography in my classes, we always begin with what seem to be the wrong conversations -- the actress's choices, no harm, no foul, being pro-porn is being pro-sex, men not being rapists and still liking it -- always defensive and dishonest. I've been waiting for a film that was neither sanctimoniously scolding nor callously celebratory. And finally, there is The Price of Pleasure -- a film to help us really "see" what we have been looking at, and to enable us, finally, to talk about how pornography informs our actual lives. It's powerful.

Rebecca Whisnant, Director of Women's and Gender Studies, University of Dayton
An intense, powerful documentary that will open up painful but necessary
discussions about pornography's role in shaping our identities, our
relationships, and our culture.

Jean Kilbourne, Creator, Killing Us Softly Series
Deeply disturbing but profoundly important.

Bernadette Barton, Associate Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies, Morehead State University, author of Stripped: Inside the Lives of Exotic Dancers
With original research, footage of popular pornographic films, insights from academic experts, interviews with sex workers and even pornographers, The Price of Pleasure educates viewers about the prevalence and increasingly violent content of contemporary pornography. Advocates of sexual freedom, as well as activists committed to ending sexual exploitation against women, find common cause in Chyng Sun’s compelling argument: contemporary pornographic films illustrate conventional, not deviant, attitudes about women’s sexuality. Viewer alert - gazing through the pornographic worldview will turn your stomach - eat lightly before you watch this!

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