On November 20, 2008, the "on campus" section of abcnews.com featured a story on The Price of Pleasure. It is titled "Documentary Highlights Violence in Porn Videos."

Chyng Sun would like to make the following clarifications:

a) The research team of the content analysis on popular pornography includes: Robert Wosnitzer, Dr. Ana Bridges, Dr. Erica Scharrer, and Dr. Chyng Sun. One of the papers that came out of the research was published in Psychology of Women Quarterly, September, 2008.

b) On Page 2. Chyng Sun was quoted, “I came into the film with no agenda because there are so many conflicting and complex issues that I had to think through. This is one medium [pornograph] has so many outcomes, it just depends on how people use it." The last sentence should be: “Pornography is used in so many ways, from sexual abuse to a couple ‘spicing up’ their sex lives. Could it be that the porn medium itself is innocent and it all depends on how people use the porn?"

c) On Page 2. Chyng Sun was quoted, “In many cases, anti-pornography groups use the worst-case scenario, but porns very diverse," The quote should be, “In many cases, anti-pornography groups are accused by the pornography industry that they use the worst-case scenario, but porn is very diverse."

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